Have You Got The Talent Necessary For Martial Arts And Fight Success?– Is It Really Something That You Are Born With?

The need for having the talent to either succeed or achieve high levels of success in martial arts or, in fact, any particular endeavor is an often heard statement. Many who feel that they don’t have the required talent or are told that they don’t have it, and don’t question the belief that it is a necessary innate attribute for success, will give up and go onto other things never realizing the true ability that they are capable of developing and expressing.

In order for anyone to be able to determine whether they, or those that they are commenting on, have a particular talent they must be able to define accurately what talent is. It is in respect of this definition that we often find incorrect interpretations, information and vagueness. Read More

Tips For Getting The Most Crucial Element of Muay Thai & MMA Training Productive.

Many people start training in martial arts and the fighting disciplines of Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with the goal of learning how to fight and look after themselves, however, the drop-out rate of these disciplines is incredibly high.

Thai Boxing Sparring

Thai Boxing Sparring

One of the major reasons for this high drop-out rate is the poor approach to sparring, particularly in Muay Thai training and to a lesser degree, but still of concern, MMA. If the school does not have a productive and safe environment for sparring then the average student will struggle to work with confidence, particularly when trying to implement and develop new techniques in his/her game. This is also found with some of my students that learn Muay Thai online, in that they see sparring as a competition between themselves and their training partner.
Sparring is one of the most valuable aspects of training, in any fighting system, but it is also the most frustrating and difficult to master. And while the grappling disciplines generally appear to adopt a safe and productive attitude to sparring; the striking systems such as Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA struggle.
Sparring is still a part of the training development and learning process. It is a major element in Read More

Critical Factors You Must Get Right, When You Learn Self defense, If You Don’t Want to End up In Hospital.

It is my belief that everyone should learn self defense so that they prepare themselves with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves in the event of being attacked, whether it be in the street, a bar or even in the home.

Although the majority of us want to live peaceful lives in which we can enjoy life and achieve the aspirations that we have, there is a darker element in our world that live their lives by violence and this is often brought to bear on those of us that just want to live a quiet existence.

The sudden presence of a threat to our safety is a very traumatic experience that we are usually unprepared for and results in a confused state of mind that makes us very vulnerable to attack.

There are a huge number of self defense techniques available. Some are very efficient and deal very effectively with real street situations, such as “The No B.S. Street-fighting and Self Defense Guide”. However, many are very poor, usually based on pure classical martial arts systems, and often the techniques used restrict themselves by working within their systems philosophy and have little practical use when dealing with a real street attack

I must also emphasize that the techniques used are a small part of the self defense capability package. By themselves, no matter what the system (street effective or classical martial arts system), they are quite useless and must be supported with several underlying principles and concepts which I will briefly discuss in this article. Read More